Frequently Asked Questions

Generally Asked Questions

It consists of a list of general questions prospective customers often ask before finally deciding to use the Application.

What is is a cloud-based sales software that can facilitate your business sales activities. Only with a smartphone can you follow up anytime and anywhere. Access the dashboard that makes it easy to monitor the performance of your sales indicators. Curious? Register your business now!

Why should I choose

Is reliable?

Is the right choice for my business?

Can guarantee the security of my business data?

How to subscribe to

What is the minimum user and usage time to be able to use

Is there a free trial provided?

If a problem occurs, what should I do? fits my needs! What should I do next?

Frequently Asked service

It consists of several lists of questions related to the services and features of the application.

Why didn't I receive the account activation email?

Minimum HP system to be able to use

Can accounts be linked to existing databases?

Can be linked to online advertising?

Can the data inputted by the sales be downloaded later?

What is JALA Assistant?

What is JALA Dashboard?

How long will it take for me to access the report data available on

Is the data inputted by sales a can be accessed by sales b?

How does management monitor the sales team's follow-up activities?

Does have WhatsApp Blast feature?

Can be integrated with the E-Commerce Platform?

Does have an Email Marketing feature?

Enterprise Asked Questions

A collection of questions related to the services contained in JALA Enterprise

What is JALA Enterprise?

What services include in JALA Enterprise?

What is a Whitelabel?

What is ERP Integration?

What are Lead Validators?

Can the services in JALA Enterprise be purchased separately?

Can JALA Enterprise be implemented in all business systems?

What kind of business is suitable to use the services in JALA Enterprise?

If a problem occurs, what should I do?

What should I do if JALA Enterprise suits my needs? - Sales Software berbasis cloud yang membuat aktivitas penjualan Anda menjadi lebih efektif dan efisien sejak 2018.

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