Increase Your Sales With Faster
Follow-Up Process With!

Simplify your sales activities in 1 Application

Simplify Your Business Sales Activities

Real-Time Distribution

Automatically & real-time distribution of all your online leads to sales officers. No more leads left behind.

Monitor Sales Performance

Monitor sales officer activities through the Dashboard that you can access anytime and anywhere.

Campaign Performance Analysis

Assist you in monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of online campaign activities in your company.

Complete Reports

With JALA Assistant, the sales team can carry out all sales activities, such as uploading documents, follow-up leads, and setting reminders to track the team's whereabouts.

Mobile Application

JALA Dashboard displays complete and comprehensive sales activity data, which You can access anytime and anywhere.

Ready to Integrate can be integrated with your company's API easily. No need to worry.

Jala Dashboard

A sophisticated dashboard that helps monitor the performance of your sales activities
anytime and at any moment.

Real-Time Distribution

Distribute lead in real-time to sales officer.

Real-time Reporting

Seamless Integration

Sales Pipeline


Export/import Data

Jala Assistant

Mempermudah sales officer dalam melakukan kegiatan follow-up.

Jala Enterprise

Simplify the Company's Follow-Up and Closing Process with JALA Enterprise!

JALA Enterprise is a collaborative relationship. will give a brand right to your company that desires a system on behalf of the company.

Mobile App & Dashboard (Whitelabel)

ERP Integration

Payment Gateway

Product Catalogue

Lead Validator has been trusted by thousands of users in Indonesia

What our clients
say about

PT Adhi Commuter Properti meet our overall expectation, but it still needs a little bit of adjustment to improve the performance of the business process of LRT City. But, overall, it's sufficient.

Suzuki Indomobil Sales 2W helps us to improve the prospect-sharing process. As a result, we can more easily increase the productivity of our team and regional sales. With this application, sales activities become more time-efficient, and our sales team is more agile in the follow-up process.

JSBC Realty helps us in the distribution process and increases closing opportunities. In addition, sales representatives are honed in using technology to increase the effectiveness and productivity of sales.

PT. Putra Citanusa Group helps in collecting the lead information for Cita Nusa. All lead information is categorized neatly. In addition, the easy follow-up process and feature reminder help us schedule meetings with the client.

EPIC Property is easy to use and practical and offers an all-in-one application. Suitable for our business needs.

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