the Company's
Follow-Up and Closing
Process with Jala Enterprise

JALA Enterprise is a collaborative relationship. will give a brand right to your company that desires a system on behalf of the company.

Whitelabel Whitelabel allows you to apply for the trademark from your business into Sales Software implementation process including JALA Assistant & JALA Dashboard. Now, your business no longer needs to develop Applications. Let work for your business.

ERP Integration

We create ERP Integration by thinking of needing a painless integration process between ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other applications for businesses. By using ERP Integration, extracting data can be done effortlessly.

Process each transaction more easily through JALA Assistant. Monitor all sales activity performance through JALA Dashboard anytime and anywhere in real-time.

Lead Validator

Lead Validator is the initial selection process in the purchase stage via WhatsApp Chatbot. Leads will go through a screening process before being given to a Sales Officer to help your business increase the effectiveness and productivity of sales activities.

Product Catalogue offers a product catalogue that contains all commercial product information, enabling product marketing managers to define and map new product offerings. In addition, the product catalogue by encompasses certain sets of tools that allow the configuration of new products and service bundles, pricing, and discounts.

Payment Gateway makes it manageable to process purchase transactions in your sales activities. In addition, can be easily integrated with the payment gateway you are operating, therefore helping the information transfer regarding transactions between the payment portal and the Bank through seamlessly.

Applied Sales Software For Your Business Selling Activity

Real-time Lead Distribution

Distribute your online leads to sales officers in real-time smoothly. Ditch the old manual distribution process.

Faster Follow-up Process

Real-time Reporting

Third-Party Integration - Sales Software berbasis cloud yang membuat aktivitas penjualan Anda menjadi lebih efektif dan efisien sejak 2018.

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